Something Better

He’s lost his way and his family. Can a leap of faith bring them back together?

Tom Schneider’s inner demons have cost him dearly. Still emotionally scarred from his abusive childhood, he fears he may never be the supportive husband and parent his family needs. After his wife takes their daughter and leaves, he wallows in his pain until his estranged father reaches out with a final dying wish.

Coping with his trauma and hopelessness, he returns to his Southern hometown in search of redemption. As he takes the winding path to self-discovery, he finds solace in a local church. But it’s a chance encounter that might just renew his faith in a brighter future.

Will Tom forgive the sins of his past and open his heart to happiness?

Something Better is an inspirational Christian fiction story about the transformational power of redemption. If you like flawed heroes, tests of faith, and heartwarming journeys of rebirth, then you’ll love Dustin Renz’s second-chance saga.

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