She knows it wasn’t suicide. Now a guilt-ridden detective needs to prove it… Detective jill Brennan ignored her ex’s phone call, and the next day he was dead. Searching for clues in an unsettling asylum, she’s appalled when her boss insists it’s a suicide. Plagued by guilt and far too close to the case, Brennan knows that the hunt for the truth could risk her career.

Battling her own colleagues and pressure to oust an Asian Crime gang, Brennan uncovers shocking evidence of murder. But in the quest to conquer inner demons and save her ex’s reputation will her own life go down in flames?

Asylum is the third standalone book in the gripping Detective Jill Brennan crime thriller series. If you like gritty cops, dark deeds, and well-crafted plots, then you’ll love Gina Amos’s powerful novel.

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