Send Him Victorious: Book 1

King Alfred of Great Britain believes a king should rule his country rather than merely enjoy the good life in the palace.

He wants to lead his troops into battle rather than leave it to the generals, make life better for his people rather than entrusting it to parliament.

But when he achieves his goal of creating a British New Order, he finds it is only the beginning. The risk he has taken comes with consequences.

The King’s philandering son Prince Adrian finds he cannot handle his responsibility in the New Order, despairing to go back to the way things were. Alfred’s headstrong daughter Princess Frances is jealous of her older brother’s position as heir to the throne, wanting a greater part in the New Order than her father had envisioned. The scheming Archbishop Woollie Youngblood sees an opportunity to remove the King and claim power for himself as Lord Protector. Army private Jimmy deals with the fallout to the common man of the sweeping changes wrought upon his country, as a civil war breaks out between the King’s supporters and everyone else.

But could even a wise King have foreseen the international opposition to his plan as he incurs the wrath of the mighty US president?

A incredible saga of global proportions which will grip you until the last page.

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