Dying On Purpose

Richard Steinhoff had it all—a beautiful home, a loving wife, a successful career in real estate, and a best-selling book. Then a diseased gallbladder landed him in the hospital, and a series of complications nearly killed him. While he was there, he had an out-of-body, Near-Death Experience and encountered a Heavenly being who told him to return to his body because he had not yet completed his Life’s Purpose.
He immediately set out on a journey to discover his purpose. When he found it and stopped living Off-Purpose, he knew he didn’t want to see another soul living Off-Purpose. That’s when he decided to share his story in this book. His purpose was not just to tell his story; it was to help people change their lives and live a happy, fulfilled life.
Everyone on this planet was put here for a purpose.
If you don’t know yours, you need to read this book.

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