Sweet Desire part 1

FORBIDDEN. DENIED. UNREQUITED. FORBIDDEN. DENIED. UNREQUITED.Noah was everything she ever wanted, everything she ever dreamed about, and yet he was the one she could never allow herself to have. Her best friend’s brother.
DESIRED. CHOSEN. CONTROLLED. She was too sweet, too innocent, too fragile for someone like him. Someone whose tastes ran on the darker side. Someone broken and cynical, steeped in shadows of his past. Someone who exuded control in every aspect of his life, craved and needed it more than he needed to breathe. She could never handle all he would demand of her.Or so he thought.
FOR HIM SHE WOULD SURRENDER. Sophie fought so hard to establish control over her life, to diminish the damage her messed-up childhood left behind. The scars that no one could see, and yet they held so much power, contained so much pain. She struggled for years to defeat the shadows choking her from the inside out. To distance herself from the dysfunctional life she was forced to live. And she promised herself she would never give anyone else control over her life. She would never allow anyone else the chance to break her.And then he came back into her life.
Will these two broken hearts find a path to happiness or will dark secrets of the past tear them apart forever? Will the shadows surrounding them be too much for them to overcome? Will those who wish them torn apart succeed? Or will they find a way to be together after all?

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