Christ 3ye Alch3my

It is in daylight savings time that the shining 1 in the 7th day has come out from the darkness of midnight into the 10th age of light. The enlightened stars and hands of time shall move forward with and in the hour/1 to be saved, as the last day of the weakened is a new day to become strengthened through your 5 combined elemental senses. The knowledge which comes shining in from enlightening wisdom is passed down through the hand of time. It is Atomic lighting enlightenment, which alters the al-chemical imbalance in the mind-3ye, transfiguring you into a shining enlightened moral, immortal figure of spirit-mental gold. Alchemy is within all living transfiguring things, as this is the natural growth of which brings fourth TRU metaphysical change. Those living Christ/crowned-anointed souls-minds who spiritually know the Lord-word, have seen the alchemic metamorphosis in this new day & age of spirit-mentally transitioning into the shining enlightened 1’s.

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