Chasing the CEO

Love sucks. So does commitment.
All I need is a hot guy and one night. I have everything else I could want and I am in control. Besides, love and commitment only lead to boring and expected, and where’s the adventure in that?
My next target is the gorgeous, elusive Sebastian Strong, CEO of the very company I work for. He’s powerful, wealthy, and always in control. All the women seem to fall at his feet, and into his bed, with no expectation of more than one night. This time, he’ll be chasing me. And I will be ready. Game on…
She thinks this is a game, so sure I’ll be her next fling. That she can seduce me without falling in love.
She thinks she’s the cat, hunting her prey.
Little does she know, I’ve been chasing her for years.

After learning all I can about the girl who haunts my dreams, I’m about to execute the most important plan of my life. To make Nina mine, and not just for one night. This is so much more than a challenge. This is love. And this is the rest of our lives.

She thinks she’s in control. She has no idea.

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