A novus hit squad is chasing you, and they are getting closer…

In the year 3421, human, novus, and alien races coexist through political strife perpetuated by daily United Planetary Congress interactions, the foundation of political theater. An encrypted code, capable of crippling a newly developed artificial earth planet, is stolen from an atmospheric control outpost orbiting Atlas.

Agent Jonah, Galactic Interpol Society top-priority agent, must immerse himself within the violent shadows surrounding his new mission as he enters the Revised Washington District. A novus crime lord leading a reputable novus terrorist organization lends aid to a powerful political figure pulling the strings. To further complicate Jonah’s investigation, a rogue galactic agent bites at his heels every step of the way.

★★★★★ “In a genre that is fast becoming saturated, Retrospect by Bryan Deminico is a great achievement, a deftly written sci fi novel with futuristic themes…Retrospect will please fans of sci-fi.” – Readers’ Favorite

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