Ancestry: Awakenings (Book 1)

Magic, passed down from generation to generation through three different families from an extinct tribe, is now at the doorsteps of an unsuspecting family. Danger lurks everywhere as an evil tribal chief, Nuabani, banished to the dark abyss, seeks revenge against those who stripped him of his magic centuries ago. Since the time of banishment, Nuabani has aligned himself with others who will stop at nothing to return all the magic back to him, even if it includes harming or killing innocents. One person stands in his way – one of the descendants of the tribe who wields the magic known as a Magica. Unfortunately, time is running out for the Magica who must pass her magic to a descendant whose own abilities must be awakened. Unknowingly caught in the middle is Dr. Logan Tompkins, a renowned child/adolescent psychiatrist, who is trying to raise three children after recently losing his wife.

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