Worldship Praxis

To save humanity from extinction, one captain must confront his own nightmares… and a host of deadly aliens.

Jack Sadow’s crucial interstellar work requires him to be semi-immortal. The captain of the gigantic colonist vessel Worldship Praxis knows that every decision could make or break humankind’s mission to find habitable planets. But when a sleep shift brings him disturbing precognitive warnings of formidable aliens, he knows his toughest choices still lie ahead…

Untrained for battle against lifeforms with superior tech, Sadow wonders if he and his small crew can possibly survive to find a second home. For humanity to endure after Earth, the captain has no choice but to use his mind and mettle to find his colonists a new safe haven. Can Sadow conquer the mysterious aliens of his nightmares, or will humanity’s dreams turn to stardust?

Worldship Praxis is a fast-paced sci-fi colonization adventure. If you like futuristic tech, intergalactic journeys, and mind-bending alien encounters, then you’ll love JD Lovil’s expansive novel.
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