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In the conspiratorial style of Dan Brown and with the romantic manner of Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Tujunga begins in 1955 West Virginia when, from a high-school sexual conquest, Curt is set on a course toward manhood. Yet in 1972, during preparations for a covert military mission to the moon, a restive passion challenges everything he had learned of being a man. Thirty-two years later in Los Angeles, Xochi, a genetic anthropologist, tests a recently found batch of astronaut blood samples and finds clues to the origin of a catastrophic pandemic. Defiantly, she transposes the outline of her research onto the allegories of a favorite poem. After her suspicious death and as if spiritually led, her grieving fiancé goes on a cross-country journey to find the truth. Confronted by the intolerant morality that forced Curt and his wife Claudia into a loving silence, Robert must decide on whether to claim revenge.

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