The Bitcoin Book

I have recently published 4 cryptocurrency puzzle books on the Amazon website. This submission is for one of the four books in the series called: “The Bitcoin Book”. The books contain real cryptocurrency embedded within the puzzles. The types of tokens include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Stellar. Instructions are included with each book. Each of the 4 books have a single unique clue to solving the puzzles. The main intent of the books is for the reader to uncover the cryptocurrency embedded within the puzzle. The books have instructions for the reader if they decipher the puzzles. Whomever deciphers the puzzles first, and is the first to respond with the correct solution, will have access to the tokens in the account. The reader will immediately notice the similarity of the puzzles in each of the 4 books. These books were made for those familiar and unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies, and to make the subject fun and interesting. The other books in this series: The Ethereum Book, The Ripple Book, and The Stellar Book.

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