Frozen Statues, Perdition Games

*FREE Spring promo, March 15-31: A mesmerizing psychological thriller with shocking twists*

In a bitterly cold Canadian winter, seven university freshmen vanish without a trace. Police discover two dead—frozen solid, their eyes replaced with black stones. Toronto PI Samantha McNamara suspects a copycat is mimicking Incubus, the serial killer who brutally murdered her sister. And when the psychopath writes to her from prison, Sam is certain that he holds the key to saving the remaining students. But as the hunt intensifies, Incubus draws Sam into a deadly trap. Her fiancé, former police inspector Reece Hash, watches helplessly as Sam becomes obsessed with uncovering the meaning behind the white lily that Incubus tattooed on her sister’s ankle. With Sam rushing headlong into destruction and time running out for the missing students, Reece must unravel a psychopath’s twisted game before the killer stages another frozen statue.

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