Is it too late?

Dive into a world filled with angels, magical doors, and timeless dimensions.

Jake Moss, an overly obsessive workaholic, strives to finish his high-tech medical technology that would change the planet as we know it. Following a premonition of his death, he is torn between his legacy and cherishing every last moment with the woman he loves, Malia.

Will he risk it all?

Fate seems to make the decision for him when the death of his mother makes him realize that the birth of his technology isn’t worth forsaking his time away from his one true love. Knowing the importance of Jake’s work, Dharma, his Guardian Angel tries to steer him back to his one true purpose.

When dark forces attack Jake, he is launched back into the race to finish his technology. His revived hunger for helping his planet leads him down a path of discovery that explains exactly why the dark forces are after him and determined to stop the creation of his technology.

Will he finish before they finish him?

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