Bad Habits: A Vigilante Kidnapping Thriller

Haunted by childhood abuse, Veronica Howe is hell-bent on revenge. She confronts her abuser on the day he’s released from prison, but events quickly spiral out of control. Suddenly on the run, and also desperate to retrieve a beloved necklace that belonged to her late mother, Veronica embarks on a dangerous mission, but realizes she can’t do it alone.

Olivia Darby overcame childhood obesity to blossom into a gorgeous young woman who is desired by all. But the solace she found in the church during her early days of torment, inspires her to become a nun instead of pursuing ordinary romantic or material rewards. Lately, she has started to yearn for more, and she soon learns you should be careful what you wish for…

Unwaveringly pursued by Detective Felicity Starr, Veronica and Olivia become unlikely partners in a past-paced adventure where they must change and adapt, learn new skills, and avoid becoming prey to their own or others’… bad habits!

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